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09.15.2012 , 04:11 PM | #5
Ranged DPS survival tools->
1) Leg Shot(snare single target)
2)Cover Pulse(knockback aoe)
3)Entrench(immune to control effects)
4)Flash bang (aoe stun)
5)Evasion (dodge melee and range attacks 100% for 3 secs)
6)Shield Probe( absorbing moderate dmg for 15 secs)
7)Ballistic Shield( 20% dmg reduction for 15 secs)
8)Debilitate (single target stun)
1)Overload(aoe knockback)
2)Electrocute(single target stun)
3)Static Barrier(absorbing high amounts of dmg, spam able)
4)Force Speed
5)Force Slow(single target snare)
1)Electro Dart(single target stun)
2)jet boost(aoe knockback)
3)Energy Shield( dmg reduction of 25% for 12 secs)
4)Kolto Overload( restores 15%HP over 10 seconds)
I really think mercs could use a backwards leap to keep ur distance from melee, have been hoping for it to come with each passing patch, just like we needed an interrupt ability seems that we finally get it in 1.4