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Greetings, I am looking for advice on which advanced class to choose, at this time I have raised one of each to around level 18 but I would prefer to only have to do this story line once. To this end I have created this forum message thingamajig.

I have no interest in healing whatsoever, I also do not will to be a tank but won't say no to increased survivability. I would prefer to be a ranged damager per second character, but I don't won't to be defenceless at close range.

While so far I prefer the assassin's gameplay I am not fond of double-bladed thingummywuts and feel that that the sorcerer is closer to Palpatine, which is something I would like.

If anybody has any advise on the matter I would appreciate it greatly.
I would say if it was me on the Imp side play a Sorcerer they can have "depending on how you set them up" very high dps "ranged" or if you like to try the Replublic side I would suggest trying a Commando they can also have high crazy "ranged" dps "also depending on how you set them up" plus the Sorcerer can heal himself if needed to so take it for what its worth
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