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Consider that all the jedi in the Jedi Temple which amounted to mainly padawans and few knights along with Masters Shaak-Ti and Battle Master Cin Drallig only, were wiped out by a legion of the best trained Clone troopers called the 501st who were trained specifically to kill Jedi and Darth Vader himself, formerly one of the best duellists in the order, even better than other council members, who took out the main threats of the temple - the jedi/sith of the Prequel era are still categorically stronger than those of the Old Republic era, considering the fact that they were only defeated when the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith of all time, split them up as much as possible along the outer-rim, left the temple practically empty of masters, killed four of the best Jedi masters in the Order in one go and converted the Chosen One himself into his Sith Apprentice, then simultaneously wiped out the 15,000 strong Jedi Order with the full strength of the entire Grand Army of the Republic and Republic Fleet in the Great Jedi Purge, against Jedi that were also clouded and had their powers diminished by the imbalance in the Force compared to the Old Republic Era that was almost wiped out and beaten multiple times through multiple wars with Sith that they went on to beat as soon as they stopped being arrogant.
Fixed that for you, it took the most powerful line of the Sith of all time, hiding in the shadows and growing stronger over a thousand years to produce the greatest master manipulator the galaxy ever saw, then have him stack the deck so high against the Jedi Order that he'd already won, to beat them.