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I've tried to do Polith Minefield about 40 times now and just can't kill the carrier at the end. All level 5 purple upgrades, power converter with power on... It's like the missiles don't even hit it at all.

Do I need proton torpedos to do it or what?
The issue with Polith Minefield is that you need to hit perfectly to take out the carrier. Wasting a single missile causes you to lose. This is difficult because that specific mission stutters right as you become able to aim at the carrier, almost imperceptibly, on some lesser end systems.

Polith Minefield is actually the hardest mission for me to finish, I can do Aeten Defense and Acendency Barrier 100% of the time, but Polith is a fifty fifty chance, if I am being positive and lying to myself about how good I am at it (I've actually only beaten it three times out of maybe twenty attempts)