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One of the bridge crew came upto Sabrina Rafeesh, is in the med bay helping out. He may be a while. Is their anything, we can do in the mean time. Yes, I need to contact correlia. Then tell them I am alive, then I go to my room and wait. The mandalorain nodded. Then took her to communication consul.
Sabrina then hailed the governor of correlia, Hi I am Sabrina, of the diplomatic team. That was sent to coursant, for talks about the mandalorians. Governor Brial, Quickly replied Is my friend Pau`en still alive? Sabrina shook her head, and said No I am the soul survivor, of the expedition. The governor looked at her with sadden eye`sOh dear, we will have to hold elections for a new senator. Mean while as republic constitution demands, you are the acting senator. No major decision to made by you, but agree in principal the alliance. With a clause, that it only last till the elections have been held. So that a new house of senate, can debate it. Sabrina replied Yes, should I refer any big decision to you.Yes, I have to go know, theirs a lot to be done.
Sabrina walked back over, to the mandalorian. I will need to see Rafeesh, as soon as possible. So I shall stay, on the bridge for know. The mandalorian nodded, and sent a message to Rafeesh. Informing him that acting senator, sabrina wishes to see him.
Sabrina sat down quite stunned, to find out she in charge of an republic office. Admittedly it was temporary, but none the less she was a senator know. She had to think, of the best way to use her position. She also need to get a message to her master, on drummond kass. About how lord ravvock, made a mess of her plans.