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I figured I would get all of my most newbish questions into one post .

1. Is it better to try to get a single character high enough to get Legacy bonuses before starting Alts, or is purely preference? ( I am an Altoholic)

2. Can you get to 50 without doing Heroics/FP/Warzones or will it be a major grind? ( I don't mind grouping, but being familiar with Raiding I am also familiar with some groups reactions to newbs)

3. Op/Sniper; Is it better to go Lethality or Marksmanship?
1. Yes its better to level one character first to get your legacy so you can start leveling it.

2. Yes its very possiable that is what I do very rarely do I do any Heroics of Flashpoints or ops but once I hit around 40 I start warzoning for the armor but I only do the dailys so.

3. I always went Marksmanship but you never know what they changed from when I played a Sniper so.
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