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Ok, so here is a follow-up question based on some of the responses;

Should I go ahead and re-roll (start over)whatever I want my main to be and maybe go ahead and send gear to that character? Or am I ok struggling along until I figure out what I want to do?

I would like to eventually join a guild and do all the social fun stuff, so I want to make sure I am not messing up too bad from the start.
Get the character you are currently playing to the end of chapter 1 to unlock the legacy stuff. Then you are free to experiment around with classes and see which one you like the best.

My first run to 50 was a learning experience. I have since deleted that character as I have a well defined legacy that calls for only one species (family of Twi'leks). Now I know how I want to play the game.

Take the time to enjoy the scenery and learn the game. Its really quite fun. Don't be afraid to tell people you are new and ask for a little patience. Most experienced players get personal satisfaction out of helping newbies.

I also wanted to comment on your first set of questions.

It is entirely possible to get to level 50 without doing heroics or flash points. If you don't feel like grouping, you can do some PVP or space missions that yield extra XP, credits and legacy experience.

Grouping is a good way to find a guild. For me, if I group with an unguilded player that is new or needs help, I offer a guild invite to open up all the experience my guild has. They have helped me quite a few times.

Just take your time, enjoy the game and don't be afraid to ask someone if you have a question. If they are a jerk to you, screw'em, someone else in general chat will answer your question.

Hope to see you the Black Hole soon!
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