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I figured I would get all of my most newbish questions into one post .

1. Is it better to try to get a single character high enough to get Legacy bonuses before starting Alts, or is purely preference? ( I am an Altoholic)

2. Can you get to 50 without doing Heroics/FP/Warzones or will it be a major grind? ( I don't mind grouping, but being familiar with Raiding I am also familiar with some groups reactions to newbs)

3. Op/Sniper; Is it better to go Lethality or Marksmanship?
1. short answer yes it is better to get one character high enough to open legacy. That being said, look at what legacy has to offer, some players do not care about anything legacy has to offer so it does not matter when or if they get it. To this extent it is preference.

2. Absolutely, I leveled my first character on a low pop server (prior to transfers) and simply due to lack of others to group with I soloed the overwhelming majority of the way to 50. I did every quest on every planet and hit 50 before finishing my class story.

3. cannot answer as I never leveled an operative.