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(1) JETPACK DISENGAGE - The Mercenary flies XX yards backward in the air for 2 seconds. You cannot be force charged for the duration. [Cooldown]: XX seconds.

(2) JETPACK LEAP - Target a location on the ground to jetpack to it.
The WoW warrior has a GTAOE (ground target area effect) leap that works like this. Here is a 40 sec video of what the mechanic looks like.
This ability could be restricted to higher elevation as it is in WoW. For example, you wouldn't be able to jump from the pit up onto the goal line in Huttball. [Cooldown]: XX seconds.

[Philosophy] Star Wars bounty hunter characteristics that we all know from the MOVIES are (1) cool armor (2) cool gun(s) (3) jetpack mobility. The jetpack allows them to take down foes that are far superior due to the MOBILITY it brings to the table. You see this in the movies too, especially with Jango in episode 2 when he duels Obi Wan. I mean, what are you thinking when you watch that duel? The top 3 qualities of course, but most of all that jetpack man... But in swtor, jetpack = lunchbox?..
The sith warrior really does capture a darth vader fantasy, as the sorcerer does with sidious. But playing a mercenary in SWTOR is nothing like this amazing video:
Its more like this:
Next expansion needs to add a little mobility for this class. Consider even removing the hydraulic overloads (slow & root immunity), we want jetpack mobility now paladin freedom of movement.
Express yourselves my children, let bioware know so they can give us the pony we've always wanted.

Would you like to see either of these abilities in the game? And if so which of the two?