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"DPS is science, healing is art, tanking is strategy"
Tanking IS strategy, know the pull, plan ahead
this should be stickied across time and space.

just giving my two creds but the OP will be in the majority once F2P is in full effect. Wow was turned into snooze mode because casuals wanted it and blizz listen to their wallets. tanking in this game is fun when the dps go from weak->strong and the healer helps when they can. if tanking in this game becomes a chore to the many ($ included) then the rest will have to fall in line (or bounce) when BW caters. slow time, smash, and flame sweep will have a map wide range plus 500% aggro. armor will stack 20% for 3 hours when walking. tanking stance will give ppl still lvln 25% xp bonus and 70% main stat bonus to max lvl players and their group.*

this an exaggeration..i hope.*
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