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09.14.2012 , 09:40 AM | #13
I'm wondering what tanking class the OP is playing. In his defense I agree that some healers are way too lazy about cleansing the tank. Slows and roots may be only an annoyance to a PT or Vanguard who have more ranged options, but having seen Warriors jogging slowly back into melee, I can see that getting really old, really fast. The Op/Scoundrel cleanse is insta-cast and can be talented to have a heal component so there's really no reason not to be using it in regular rotation. I've no idea about the Inq/Trooper version though.

Also, in my experience Marauders really are idiots a startling proportion of the time. Sorry to the good ones (I know you're out there) but omg that class attracts morons.