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09.14.2012 , 02:21 AM | #134
I see this facebook voting quite strange. Why do you want general public vote on reward that is going to affect only current subscribers? Because they may subscribe in future? How about doing it differently? FB users can happily vote on reward, which will be provided to new subscribers. And current subscribers can vote on their reward inside the game. This way, anyone who logs in can conveniently vote. Not random guy who never played SWTOR, not only official forum user, but everyone who logs into the game. So this is about voting itself.

Now, the reward. Jawa with a balloon? What will be next? Sith Purebood pulling duck on the string? Can’t wait to see them all over the fleet, it is very starwarsy and fitting the feel of galactic war… I understand that useful item could give an advantage so it is out of the options. But how about some nice piece of orange armor/weapon without stats? Or a title?