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09.14.2012 , 01:29 AM | #27
I really agree to the thread. The server is just so dead now, most of the time i am on i just spend them running around fleet aimlessly. The numbers are not enough for OPs and Hard Mode flash points has become so repetitive it is just boring. As for PvP. i usually get about 4 50s PvP from 8-11 PM AEST, and i am online since 12PM AEST. That is 8 HOURS of running around doing nothing much. Sure i made many characters to play so that i wouldn't get bored, but repeating game content so many times just makes it even more boring. I really would appreciate it if Bioware would merge the Oceanic Servers, many people who i knew from since i started the game have quit the game. If Bioware is reluctant to do a merger for the oceanic server, i only have ONE request and it is to make ALL the Oceanic servers available for transfers out AND in.