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I agree with most of what has been said.

End-game content is hard to get going. It's a struggle now to do even Group Finder hardmodes let along Explosive Conflict/Denova. I find myself consistently needing to communicate between my guilds or random Level-50s, and also re-speccing to make the Group Finder pop which really defeats the purpose of having Group Finder in the first place (apart from the Black Hole commendations).

The only thing keeping me in the game is the relationships that I have built but I fear I may lose them because morale is low and some are talking about quiting.

Decisive actions are needed and I think merging or clustering of the APAC servers will be a big/important step.
Yup i agree 100% only thing keeping me from leaving are the awesum friends ive made (even tho they always demand more sammiches :P) will continue to contemplate leaving if this situation is not addressed in good time nz'rs pay close to 20bux a month waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh n two of my good friends have already moved to (i hate to say it) Guild Wars 2