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09.13.2012 , 11:46 PM | #23
I have decided that if I dont recieve my Xfer before my next sub is due I will not be renewing. I have 3 level 50's imp side and am finding it near impossible to gear two of them as there is no PVP post level 50.

I still queue 100% of the time, I get maybe 4/5 pops a night. over 6 hours mind you. I can count the weekly victories Imp side on one hand (I wish that was exagerating) not through lack of talent so much as teams only having 6 players against a full rep team, by the time the empty spots fill we are 3 capped and more will leave.

Besides the PVP issues there is the disfunctional Group Finder, the only way to get a pop is to organise a premade group in Guild as an undergeared PUG will result in wipes that cost huge credits at my gear level. I do not do my Dailies to pay 70K+ in repair bills a day.

I am glad that I am not alone in my frustration and hope that Bioware can implement this merge as soon as possible.

Sun Guard.