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09.13.2012 , 10:43 PM | #20
I'm from Dalborra, so am not really experiencing this as much as you guys (plus I don't PvP), last night when I looked at the fleet it was at 114 (can't remember the time), and at midnight there was still 40 people on Coruscant. I think more than a week ago though, probably because the PTS is now up and people are wanting to prep for it.

Anyway, from everything you guys have said it sounds like your servers are dead, and should definitely be merged (is it merging or forced transfers?) with ours. I'm sure our PvP'ers would appreciate fresh faces, and quicker GF groups would definitely be good.

Also, where did you guys see the list of what servers were being merged? The only thing I could see was the testing of the new high pop server tech.