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I have a very strict rule that I keep telling all the insects and arachnids that enter my domain. Stay outside. If you're outside, you get to live. If you're inside, you die. It's a very very simple rule. I wish more of them got it

Unnecessary laborers. Sweaty, muscular laborers who are moving something she could hande on her own. But that's completely besides the point of having them there.
I tell spiders if they're inside, as long as they stay out of my reach, they can live. As soon as they drop from the ceiling, it's shoe time.

Also, I second sexy, sweaty eye candy. Bonus points if Quinn is somehow roped into helping. Teeheee.

EDIT: Or Ravage loses a bet and has to help her rearrange her office! *snickers*
I'll probably die if you group with me, but I'll go out with both lightsabers drawn stabbing someone in the face. Probably you, but it's cool. Forever Shenanigans!!