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This one is based loosely on an experience I had this morning.

3. In Which Art Imitates Life
Kaas City, Dromund Kaas
15 ATC

Nox woke up early, as usual. She slid out of bed—of which she had been unfortunately the sole occupant—put on one of her white robes, and was running a brush through her hair when she noticed a flicker of motion out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see a small shape moving across the nearest wall.

Closer inspection revealed the shape to be a rather large and unpleasant-looking arachnid. Nox grimaced disgustedly. She wasn’t afraid of spiders, but she certainly didn’t want one sharing her living space. She was about to send a small bolt of lightning in its direction when she stopped, looking carefully at the creature.

Something seemed…off. She leaned closer.

The spider was making tiny clicking sounds as it crawled across the wall. Nox had been in close proximity to a wide variety of such vermin in her day, and they were all completely silent in their motions.

She reached out with the Force and plucked the spider off the wall. Grabbing it out of the air, she examined it closely.

It was not, in fact, a spider. It was a very small, very cleverly crafted droid. She turned it over in her hand. There was a button on its underside. Curiously, she pushed it. The droid’s photoreceptors glowed brightly for a moment, then a small hologram appeared.

“Hello, Nox,” Ravage said. “If you’re receiving this, then you’re more ingenious than I gave you credit for.” He smiled deviously. “You may be interested to know that this device will explode after twenty seconds of continuous motionlessness.”

Nox swore under her breath. She tossed the droid out the nearest window, which fortunately happened to be open. A few moments later, a small explosion blossomed in mid-air.

“Clever bastard,” she muttered. “Good thing I didn’t smash it.”

She shook her head. Ravage must be getting desperate if he was resorting to such overly complicated measures to have her killed. Then again, that was not necessarily a bad thing.

I hate spiders.
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