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Why is that all you people say? Are you unable to explain it?

"It's like I dunno just hard, but I'm gods gift to SWTOR PvP so I can win every fight with it even though it is so gimped I should lose every fight. You wouldn't understand because it's soooooo deep, it's like explaining the color blue to a blind man."

Sorry that doesn't fly
While I hate jumping into the middle of an argument...

No, just kidding... I enjoy it.

I do think it's true that it's very difficult to TRULY understand a class that you haven't played and very naive to talk about a class that you don't play.

It's kinda like trying to tell someone how to drive a stick when you've never done it yourself. Yeah, you might have some idea on how it works but you don't REALLY know.

I refuse to comment on classes that I've never played. In fear of making myself look like a fool. Like the guy who told me how over powered marauders are over and over and all the reasons why and then in his 3rd or 4th comment started telling me how it's unfair that they have 2 leaps and an immunity to knock backs and CC after leap.

Damn Juggarauders...