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I've seen your QQ posts in other threads. Your butthurt seems to have no end...almost like you took two lightsabers to the sphincter or something. I don't know what happened specifically, but the bad man touched you deep. lol

Regardless, trolling someone's stream is sub-par.
So insulting someone is what most people resort to when they cannot dispute my claims. Yeah I'm tweaked that game developers let such an obviously overpowered class continue to thrive, but at this point I'd guess that 75% of the dwindling player base plays one. So to nerf them would drive those kids that just want to destroy everyone away because most of the legit players have already left. It's a shame that terrible PvP is driving this game into the ground, mostly because of unbalance. At this rate it won't last another 2 years free to play or not.

And for the record when I say Sith Warrior I also mean Jedi Knight I shouldn't have to type both when I mention them in threads.

And Neo sorry I don't want to be harassed in game because I called you out, so just keep guessing at who I am, but there are dozens of SIth Warriors that perform just as well as you in game. You are not gods gift to SWTOR pvp. All of you think that, that's why we are in a thread yet again about how some Marauder destroys everyone and streams it for all to see.

And your claims about not running...sorry you did it yesterday. I guess that is a hint to my identity.

If you claim you don't rely on crutches stop playing Sith Warriors, until then lean on that thing for all it's worth...most of us that don't play one think of it that way. Yeah we roll our eyes and laugh at all the warriors that have the best damage, best defenses and a stealth to boot.