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I've always known how Ipha's future was going to turn out. But by future I mean like 20 years down the road. Ipha can't be in Havoc Squad forever and frankly, neither can Jorgan. But reading Magdalane's version of Maura and Jorgan's future finally inspired me to write Ipha's.

So a little back story. Poole has moved on and is a Colonel now. Jorgan took over after a promotion to Major with Dorne as his XO, who is now Captain. Ipha is Captain as well, married to Jorgan and took his last name. This story introduces my Chiss Bounty Hunter as a child. She's adopted by Ipha and Jorgan at age 7 and also mentions the biological child they'll be having. Ipha leaves Havoc during her pregnancy and is reassigned to Voss and eventually Coruscant when Jorgan is promoted to Colonel.

Be to her Virtues
very Kind.
Be to her Faults
a little Blind.