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Do you want to fight me that badly? That you would stoop to taunt me. I am not a fighter. I am normally a doctor.

ooc: Sorry Thunder's last post was edited from what it originally said. I have edited my post.
"A mandalorion ship, run by a doctor? hahaha, how far the mandalorions have fallen. now I see why you want to join the republic. you don't have the heart for battle, being a doctor. you think you can change the mandalorions, don't you? change them into your own pathatic vision of a peace loving sosiaty? allow me to shatter your stupid little dream, but thats not going to happen. your fellow mandalorions are going to get tired of peace eventuly. it is in ther nature. history shows you people always go back to war in the end. you don't want to fight? fine, you are not worth my time anyway." Mean turns and begins to walk away