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Greetings Savro,

Please note that minor or last minute changes to a patch may not be included in the patch notes. The following quote relates to the PTS but does apply to the main play environment also:
I understadn that, but if you say "read the patch notes to know when this bug will be corrected" i expect to see it in the patch notes, the only alternative i see is:
phase 1: try again to see if the bug has been corrected
phase 2: if the bug has been corrected ok, otherwise continue to phase 3
phase 3: send an other ticket to recover the item you have lost (loss of time, mine and yours)
phase 4: wait one week (next tuesday)
phase 5: return to phase 1

I have at the moment 5 bug "opened". Have i to go though these 5 phases (and send 5 tickets) every week?
If you put (maybe in an "extended" patch note) the list of all the bugs you correct this weill not be a problem...