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09.13.2012 , 12:15 PM | #1
When i find a bug i report it via the "customer service help request", often it is escalated to the development team. But noone informs me when the bug is fixed. 10 of my reports have been escalated, 6 of them i know that are resolved but not because i read it on the patch notes, but because i took a risk and tried to verify it, risking to lose items or credits or time.

Patch notes must be very very detailed, listing every bug that is corrected, or at least send an email to the person that reported the bug.

Reguarding 4 bugs: in the mail i received just after reporting them i see: "We regret that we will be unable to provide you with further updates on this issue, but recommend checking the latest patch notes at for information on any fixes or changes related to this issue".
Now this 4 bugs are corrected but in the patch notes they are never mentioned.

Second thing: when a bug causes the destruction of a item please refund it, escalate, verify, do what you ahve to do, but refund the item. I reported a bug (#6290653) reguarding the loss of incoming emails, you corrected it, i can verify it, but where is the content of the 20-30 mails i have lost?

Thanks for your effort