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If you're playing a Marauder the skill won't be amazing either. Yawn, let's make a Sentinel stream too, "hey look I can kill everything and not die, aren't I skilled"!
A peep posted a live stream for others to watch and be entertained. Personally, I like these and they help me pass the downtime at work. Why the hate?

Quote: Originally Posted by thehod View Post
Another flavor of the month Marauder noobslaying. Try going on Fatman pvp server instead of clubbing baby seals.
I don't know about the server the OP plays on, but The Fatman is garbage now. It's glory days are in the past. It proudly hovers at LIGHT population during primetime now.

Quote: Originally Posted by NathanielStarr View Post
Sorry Marauders and Sentinels just have to memorize a few buttons, namely the ones that let you get out of everything instantly and then a few you can mash for attacks.
I've seen your QQ posts in other threads. Your butthurt seems to have no end...almost like you took two lightsabers to the sphincter or something. I don't know what happened specifically, but the bad man touched you deep. lol

Regardless, trolling someone's stream is sub-par.
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