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I would also like to add my voice in agreement with everything said thus far. Though I would also add that I think individual transfers wont solve anything. Having made many friends on Gav Daragon I would not want to leave unless I was sure that they were coming too so it seems to me that a server merge is the only reasonable approach.

i do know that many people have expressed a great deal of frustration over this issue, and at least some have quit the game because of it.

As others have mentioned both PVE and PVP are pushed and carried by a very limited number of individuals. There are times in peak hours where you cannot get a pvp match of level 50 or under 50.

Many of us have dedicated a lot of time, energy and indeed money in getting our characters to the stage they are at, and to basically reach a certain level and then have to shelve the character almost because there is not enough others of the same gear or ability is disheartening.

When the game stops being fun, there is only so long you can keep peoples interest, and I can assure you that, for many people, that point has come and gone.

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