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I highly agree with all statements made here. The population on our server has always been small, but we tolerate it due to the awesome people on it. But now it's becoming an issue with the population now hemorrhaging. It's time for a merge. PvP queues die after a few losses to either faction, the group finder queue isn't fully utilised, ranked warzones aren't played and the peak time on the fleet is only around 20-30 people.

With no cross-server feature in sight, or a lack of communication regarding one. It falls down to a server merge, we continue playing, because we enjoy the game, and the social aspect of it. But if things continue as they are, it'll eventually end up as a ghost town, which already feels like one at the moment.

We're stranded here, due to no server-transfer feature. Migrating would simply mean starting from scratch. We'd appreciate if there's any word, or update regarding on a possible merge.
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