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Well I originally transferred to Gav Daragon after starting out on a now defunct US server. I took advantage of the free transfers to oceanic realms because timezones meant I was playing at the quietest times on my old server. I could never get groups for group content which stunted my progression in the game. It took me a while to settle in and feel at home on Gav Daragon but now we've got a good community that I enjoy being a part of. I'm a leader of one of the casual / levelling guilds on the server (Academy Exemplar) and we have some good people. Just not enough of them.

I agree with everything the others have said. As much as it would pain me to leave yet another server where I've felt at home we really don't have enough people. I don't pvp as much as I used to so that pvp problem doesn't hurt me much but it does in PVE. Our guild's members have seen a fair bit of endgame content but only because us and other guilds have united with Visz Alliance. There simply aren't enough players on our server to get content done without guilds combining. The new group finder added in patch 1.3 if a great tool but is usefulness is severely limited on a server like ours. When I play at peak time and have to wait an hour for a random hard mode flashpoint without success - even when I'm playing a tank or a healer - then you know there's a problem. I've never once had an op come up with the random group finder and almost never had anything pre level 50 come up.

The server is dying and as long as small servers are allowed to dwindle - people will quit playing and the whole game's player base will dwindle. The server I used to be on have now merged with another server and they're thriving. I think Gav Daragon needs the same to keep our comminity alive and to keep good people from leaving the game. The only other option I can think of is to allow pvp and group finder to go cross server. As a long time former world of warcraft player I know that has it's downsides. I also know that people on busier servers who have no need for it don't want it. For small servers like ours though, it's either cross realm groups, server move or server dies a slow death.
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