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I'm not a PvPer on Gav, but I am into PvE content in a big way, regularly running ops as part of an alliance of guilds. Part of what the alliance does is help new players gear up and teach them the ropes so to speak, every Friday and Weds there are SM ops runs, Saturday is HM runs and SM EC. The sad thing is a lot of these runs we end up with maybe 2 new people along.. and have to fill out the ranks with vets, not because of no interest but simply lack of people. If it wasn't for some of us having multiple characters to contribute to these runs and fill any missing roles theres some nights they wouldn't go at all.

As for progression content.. theres just too few of us, getting people for Pilgrim sometimes takes longer than actually fighting him. And we're not just doing it as 1 guild, but several combining members.. if several guilds can't pull this off then surely that says our regular player base is way too low.

Then theres regular HM FP's.. group finder hardly ever pops, we search the server for people to get a group together and again a lot of us play multiple roles just to get them done. And as for GF sub 50, I've had it up from 10 saturday morning till 11pm that night and had 1 group that disbanded as soon as it formed. Compare that to playing on a US server.. I have a low level character on one where as soon as you hit that que button it pops.

We need a merger, and a cross server pvp group finder for our pvp orientated guys.

And as a side note, I've posted about this so many times before in these forums, do something about emergency maintenance, why not move it till 7am US for emergency maintenance so us Aussies don't end up losing some of our main raid nights.
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