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09.13.2012 , 09:36 AM | #1
Some background information: My character Keahi, leads Visz Alliance.

So tonight, we had 50 PvP. We had around 7-9 games. This is the most games I've had in total over the week; people don't queue much anymore -- for whatever reason. For the longest while, we've had this issue where PvP only happens at a certain time of the day/night; but at the current state of the game it is almost to completely stagnant. The guild I lead doesn't keep itself to just PvP -- we do PvE as well and we're proud to say we've conquered all the PvE content available. And for a few weeks, what keeps us going is the common gathering to do Operations and world bosses... and even that's been getting old. What little morale it does raise when we do our operations is completely undermined each time we have "scheduled" maintenance, it conflicts with our raid times. When we changed the day we usually do our raid, THEN the maintenance occurred and conflicted with that. It's tiring. We're not able to play the game... and even when we do, it's the same thing over and over. What we usually do to buffer our boredom is PvP -- we play all aspects of this game and explore it because we loved it. Loved being the operative word. Now... we can't event play this game. PvE, PvP... we can't transfer. There's no cross-server queue.

We keep hoping that a server merge will rejuvenate for us because it's unfathomable that we're... essentially, the only ones around doing any end-game content on the server. The amount of other guilds outside of ours that have even attempted the same content can't be counted beyond 1 or 2. We don't have enough for Nightmare Pilgrim most weeks and when we do, a night like this where maintenance comes on and blows our plans out of the water.Last night, one of our regulars has expressed their intenions of leaving the game... someone who's stuck it out with us for months. The friends we've made who've left during the past? Let me paint a picture -- our guild is all that's left of many guilds -- we've been merged from 3-4 guilds that, at their time were large. Many of their members left -- to reroll or given up on this game out of frustration. Morale is dropping.

I am not alone in feeling this way. I have just asked my guild their honest opinions... and the consensus is the same.... and I'm certain that the other dedicated guilds on this server must feel the same way.