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Rafeesh placed the bomb back on his belt.At least you got a couple things right firstly you were right. It's not a detonite bomb. I would however press the button in necessary. I am sorry to hear about your past. That is exactly one of the reasons that Mandalore wants to join the Republic is to help it. We have seen both sides and we know both of them are corrupt. We can try to help the Republic, they are willing to treat us as equals. The Empire is not. To them we are cannon fodder to be sent in when ever they think to many troops would be lost. Why do you like killing? Rafeesh was trying to stall for time to think of what to do. Mal was engaged with ravvok, Sabrina had been shown as a spy by ravvok, which Rafeesh was most anxious to find the truth. He knew that if this man escaped....Man.Man? Ask his name, Rafeesh.He thought to himself. By the way, just out of curiosity what is your name?
"my name is Meanken. why do I like killing? because, when you are about to finish someone off,in their final moments, they show their true nature. they don't try to hide their feelings. why would they? it's not like it matters anymore. that big tough guy shows he is truely a coward under all the swagger. or, maybe he spits in your face. you understand what I mean?

as for the republic, if you think they will ever treat you as equals, you are truely a fool. oh sure, they will put up the act, make the speaches, but they will never trust you. your entire sosiaty is based on conflict, and proving yourself in it.why would the peace loving jedi and the republic ever trust you? let's face it, it is only a matter of time before you people start up another war. maybe not today, or next week, or next year, but it will happen. and when it does, and the republic turns on you and finishes you off, and the empire refuses to take you back because you betrayed them, and as you people are extermated once and for all, you will have only yourself to blame""