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12.19.2011 , 09:58 PM | #4
I'm not 400 yet (I'm around 200 ) but I have noticed similar behavior when getting crits on gems at least.

For example, trying to get Wind Crystals to craft others Tier 1 purples.
I haven't gotten a single Wind crystal since I hit Tier 2 or higher. I've run the following missions at least 40 times trying to get Wind crystals.

Tier 1 Gem missions:
Time to Get Wet
Sealed in Stupidity
Hunt the Hunter
Preying on the Meek

Every single time I get either Fire Nodes or Exquisite Yellow Crystals, NEVER Wind crystals. Also now that I think about it i'm not sure i'm getting Chrysopaz anymore either...

Can you be too high to get the rares at a certain tier or is this a bug?

Anyone else had this issue?