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I am playing a light side sith inquisitor and wondered how other of you handle that. The idea is that she's not really acting out of defiance but out of a natural affinity to act calm and compassionate. She would really view herself as much dark side as it gets. The Sith Inquisitor, at least the female one, has something sly and witty about it that sometimes makes the light side options come relatively easy, sometimes it's simply the most logical solution because the dark side option would mean forfeiting valueable assets, but other times they are either dumb or dangerous. So far I have restrained myself from taking any dark side option, but it's getting harder.

I'll try to explain the situations vague, so they don't qualify as spoiler: Yesterday I freed a fellow Sith out of a prison and I wanted him to give me something particular of value to me. In the end there was no neutral option anymore. I can choose to not free him, threaten him or let him go. Two dark side and one light side. Now, considering that the guy was a self-important major jerk ("My contact mentioned that he was working with another Sith, but he didn't say it was a filthy alien") I felt really dirty after that scene.

At other times I let people go who actually may mean harm to the Empire in future. Such as a defector who proved helpful to me, but may very well work for the Republic in future. And the other choice would not have been to kill him, just force him to stay. It's one thing being nice to people if you can effort it, but another helping people to oppose the Empire.

Curiosuly alignment choices in either direction are often combined with accepting bribes, even light side ones. I don't know whether accepting a bribe to deviate from your principles is particularly light side.

So I wonder, do you light side Sith Inquisitors really always choose the light side, or click a dark side option every now and then if the light side really doesn't make any sense at all?