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LOL. The above poster has never played a Marauder/Sentinel.
Ignore the deflection post above. I speak the truth.

SIth Warriors top the lists of kills/damage in most cases especially the well equipped ones. I know many of them think it is because they are talented and say things like "It's sooooo difficulty to play, but I just happen to be sooooo good that I do well with it." Yeah sure, of course YOU are gods gift to SWTOR pvp and YOU make this insanely difficult class outshine everyone else because YOU are so special. These Sith Warriors (and I include Juggernauts) are numerous and many of them do very well yet there are very few players of other classes that stand out, but you can list Sith Warrior players that top the charts by the dozens. I guess these super talented MMO players are attracted to this class because it is soooo difficult and the other classes are just unlucky and full of terrible players.