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09.13.2012 , 01:26 AM | #1

I love this game, one of the only things i hate is waiting 45 minutes for a warzone queue to pop. All i enjoy doing is pvp, so it gets pretty annoying for me and most of my friends. 20-30 people in pub/imp fleet during peak playing time is not good enough and lets not even talk about off peak where waitign 2 hours for a queue to pop is normal. We need a server merge or cross server pvp.
Ive been playing this game since it was released and if there is nothing to help our server problem by patch 1.4, that will be it for me and i know plenty more that will be doing the same. most of our pvpers have quit for this reason.

Please bioware don't just focus on helping the American/European servers when you are about to lose 70-100% of your players on Master Dar'Nala.