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Rafeesh placed the bomb back on his belt.At least you got a couple things right firstly you were right. It's not a detonite bomb. I would however press the button in necessary. I am sorry to hear about your past. That is exactly one of the reasons that Mandalore wants to join the Republic is to help it. We have seen both sides and we know both of them are corrupt. We can try to help the Republic, they are willing to treat us as equals. The Empire is not. To them we are cannon fodder to be sent in when ever they think to many troops would be lost. Why do you like killing? Rafeesh was trying to stall for time to think of what to do. Mal was engaged with ravvok. He knew that if this man escaped....Man.Man? Ask his name, Rafeesh.He thought to himself. By the way, just out of curiosity what is your name?
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