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I do. But I am one who believes in change and second chances. Please just surrender, if it is credits you want then we will gladly pay more than the Empire. You are very good fighter and you are very resourceful, I think we would be good friends underneath other circumstances. But I think that is still possible. Rafeesh pulled his own grenade out. This is a detonite bomb. Now I don't need to use it but if I do then we will both most probably die.
"hahaha, you think this is about just credits? if I wanted credits I would have gone into buissness for myself. no, the empire offers me two things. first, I get to kill people on an almost daily basis. second, I get to help destroy the republic, who betrayed me and tryed to have me killed. the same people who you intend to join. take your offer and shove it up your ***. as for the grenade, I have two obervations. firstly, I don't think that is a detonite bomb. I think you are bluffing, second, if it is what you say, I don't think you have what it takes to press the button. I can see it just looking at you. idealistic, beliving you are truely making the galaxy a better place. the kind of person who belives that they really have an impact on the galaxy, whenever or not you do. that is not the type of person who comits susiside to take out a single assassin. so go on, hit the button. if you can."