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Well, here's my character for when we start.

Name: Rapter Miles
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 31 (Presumably)
Allegiance: Himself
Profession: Freelancer
Primary Weapon(s): Custom-modified Sawyer-9 blaster carbine with laser sight attachment and scope capable of night vision. Capable of semi and automatic fire.
Secondary Weapon(s): Tral-Tech Fusion Needler pistol with custom, quick-draw grip. A large vibroblade sheathed to left leg and a small vibroshiv hidden in right boot.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Smoke grenades, demolition charges, thermal detonators, spare blaster clips, and medpacs.

Biography: Rapter is a selfish, immoral and narcisstic mercenary with a love for only credits, a good drink, beautiful women, and, of course, himself. Not much is known about him before he became a prominent freelancer in the underworld after he killed a Hutt that posted a bounty on his head after blasting his way into the Hutt's stronghold. Whoever he was before, only he knows. Since then, he has offered his services to the highest bidder, with his most frequent employer being Nem'ro the Hutt.

In his relatively short career, Rapter has established a reputation of being the right guy to come to so long as you have the money. He is willing to take almost any job, but prefers smuggling as it is his specialty.

He has many contacts from Coruscant to Hutta ranging from members in organizations like Black Sun, the Exchange, and the black market to corrupt members in the Republic military and law enforcement. Rapter possesses a quick wit and a fast draw; skills that have saved his life in many occasions and he is not afraid to fight dirty, as evidenced when he killed a bounty hunter chasing him by kicking him in the crotch and shooting him in the head with a blaster pistol.

Rapter also has as much enemies as he does contacts, from rival criminals, to Republic military with a bone to pick with him and to mysterious Imperials who want him alive for reasons unknown...
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