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Quote: Originally Posted by Maaruin View Post
Setting the time period if you are not the GM is godmoding. God is good and fair, in this case.

I'm not mad because you inconvenienced me*, but because you decided it without asking the others. This could have easily been a small "Omega", the thing you despise.

*especially since it is still doubtful if I have the time to participate here and I have to decide within the next days
It was said before that most of us did NOT want this to be connected in any way, shape, or form to FA. So, tossing it back a few years is a completely okay idea, especially since we're still in the time-frame of the SWTOR. It's in the 10-year cold war, which is perfect for plenty of storylines to be devised.

Tell ya what, if Bioware comes in and tells me that I need to set this at the exact end of FA, done and done. After all, they're the GM, right?

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

And it's not an "Omega", for that would require the plot to actually be in action. Plenty of ideas are scrapped in the beginning. It's called Pre-production.