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Name: Maneera Sindri (image)
Species: Human. Yup. Tooooooootally plain-vanilla human with two working eyes and everything >.>
(and if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell ya)
Gender: Female.
Age: 29
Allegiance: Patriotism's all well and fine if you can afford it.
Profession: "Resource procurement"
Primary Weapon(s): Short-barrel scattergun
Secondary Weapon(s): Whatever's close to hand - Mans excels in the use of weapons of opportunity.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Small holoprojector locket

Maneera was 7 years old when Jerec Sindri married her mother though she knew Mr Sindri wasn't her birth father, she never knew and therefore never missed her biological father, and the fact that her formal adoption was worked into the marriage ceremony went a long way to solidifying Mom's husband as actual family. Nine months later, she was absolutely giddy at becoming a big sister and bonded immediately with little Zeezee... only to be heartbroken three years later when the Jedi came for her sister. When another new baby came along, Maneera did her best to keep her distance, not wanting to go through all that over again. Things were rough in the Sindri household after Alen was given into the Order's care Maneera was old enough by this point to understand that had also been the case with her sister as well, that the Jedi hadn't just randomly taken the little ones away, but knowing a thing and feeling it are two very different states.

So, at 16, angry at her parents and the Jedi and just the whole damn galaxy in general, Maneera up and left. After shelling out all the money she had for a marginally convincing fake ID, she proceeded to wander from planet to planet, paying for her fare with odd jobs where she could and stowing away when no work presented itself. After a couple of years wandering the trade lanes, Maneera found a Corellian doctor who was not only able to hook her up with a pair of prosthetic eyes, but willing to do so on the promise of being repaid, rather than demanding cash up front. Realizing that he'd struck gold by snagging someone far more broadly skilled than the average errand-girl, and who was more or less obligated to work for far less pay than she was worth, Doctor Jerkwad... err, Hennigan hit on a brilliant idea to ensure that he could maintain a stranglehold on the new kid. By presenting it as painkillers necessary for post-op recovery (in truth, the headaches were the result of his own p*ss-poor work take every urban legend horror story about back-alley clinics and crank the awful up to eleven), the Doctor got Maneera hooked on spice, which he was willing to provide... on the condition that the cost be added to her tab.

That state of affairs lasted another four years, until Nayar showed up. Not only did Boss cover her debt to Hennigan, he also found a competent surgeon (some guy from Ralltiir, never did catch his name) to clean up Hennigan's hack-job, and got her through detox. Anxious about how he'd react to finding out she had a couple of Jedi siblings, Mans kept that reveal under wraps until circumstances made it all but impossible to keep the secret. She figures someday she'll have to tell him about the whole Force-sight thing, but... today's not that day.

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."