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My suggestion will be here relatively soon, just got a crapton of HW to do.

Name: Quintus Akroma
Alias: Q
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Allegiance: Empire on paper, neutral otherwise
Profession: Imperial Agent/Scientist
Clothes: White lab coat
Primary weapon: Collapsible blaster rifle
Secondary weapon: 10" Vibroknife (x2)
Miscellaneous items: Flashbangs, plasma grenades (4), frag grenades (2), shield probe, stealth field generator, throwing knives
Personality: Pragmatic, skeptical.

Biography: Quintus was once a typical punch clock operative of the Empire in the Pyramid of Science until he has found expanded opportunities working for Darth Thanaton of the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge. Thanaton promised him numerous research opportunities in the name of the Force and more importantly, the name of science, so consequently, Quintus has agreed to lend his services to the powerful Sith Lord. Q went on to become one of Thanaton's more respected agents, from providing new research and biochemicals to succeeding in infiltration where Thanaton's own assassins could not.

Thanaton one day tasked Q with extensively studying rumors of a powerful Force-sensitive prisoner on an undisclosed planet, which Q undertook. Not much can be said about this encounter, but by the time Q completed his mission, he emerged a jaded man, questioning his alignment to Thanaton and the Empire every single day. Quintus is now on a mission for Thanaton to infiltrate and investigate the underworld for items which mutually interest him and Thanaton, artifacts, which Q has become even more interested in after his visit with the prisoner, and other items of relative value to the Empire. Quintus, however, has his own agenda in mind ever since encountering the prisoner, and what it is remains a mystery.