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09.12.2012 , 10:10 PM | #4
Fumblez, you disappoint me. What did we say about bios? It's far more interesting when they are discovered during the RP. (#5)

I'm also not sure if it is a good idea to try to keep everything that's not RP in this thread. Especially cross references, like feedback to story postings. Not sure about that, though, but I actually liked IC and OOC posts in one thread. But I'm not sure about that one and we'll see how it works out. (#4)

Galaxy altering events... need to be checked with the others. If we could work the plotlines into them, instead of them destroying the plotlines, it could be fun. But all in all, we are more limited. (#1)

But now I'd like to know: Did you and the others discuss all this (and, for Example, when to set it) in PMs and just didn't send them to me? Or did you decide these things on your own?
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