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IC Thread
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A Formal Request
of the Galactic Underworld

Denizens of our Galaxy,

With the fancy title finally out of the way, we got a job for you scrubs to pick up. You ready to hear it? Good.

My boss, whose name you do NOT need to know, has an interest in a certain item that's been. . . "acquired" by Republic Security Forces on Coruscant. He had originally ordered the item through an entirely legitimate way, and yet the corrupt Republic locked it away so he could not have his rightfully paid-for. . . trophy.

So, what's your part in all this, you might ask? Simple.

Get. It. Back. Intact.

My master only cares who delivers it to him, not who gets it from the Republic. Reward is 300k on delivery. 300,000 credits. No, you read that number right. 300k creds, right in your pocket. If you have the item, meet the bartender in the Club Vertica Cantina. The statue has the phrase you need to say to him. He'll handle it from there.

So, what are you waiting for?

Hello, there. My name is drfumblez, but seriously? Just Fumblez. Anywhos, welcome to A Formal Request of the Galactic Underworld, which starts before the class stories begin, approximately 4 years early. Before you get started and everything, I have a few basic rules to say. This'll be fast.

#1: No Godmodding.
Google is your friend if you have to look this up. This is basic sense, ya know? Just don't be a god.
Sub-Rule: No Omegas. Really sorry to use this example, but if you have a giant world/galaxy-altering plan, shut it down now. It WILL ruin others plot-lines.

#2: Story-style RP.
This is basically what I mean. Scroll down and read the ones that start with the yellow heading. You communicate with others through PMs, writing messages together and discussing how your characters interact. You do NOT immediately post a reply to what someone posted, got it? Unless it is a letter written directly to your character(s), You will discuss what you're doing with others before posting. Is it slow and tedious? Yes. But it's also far cleaner, and it helps to have another person with you writing so that neither of you go overboard. Er, overboard too much. (Fumblez<- - - is guilty of this.)

#3: Legible Writing.
Now, no one's going to go Grammar Nazi on you, and tell you you used the wrong form of "your". But bad spelling, poor capitalization, and overall terrible English language is not acceptable*. You have a machine that will allow you to correct any misspelled word in the world, and capitalization is 3rd grade stuff. Please, try as hard as you can to be good. That's all I ask.

*Those with dyslexia, English as a second language, and other reasons not listed that have trouble with the English language are exempt from this rule.

#4: This is the OOC thread.
All non-posts related to Formal Request will be posted here. IC posts will be on the actual IC thread, and will be marked as such. No need for 6 threads, right?

#5: Character limit and Bios.
As of now, you are allowed only TWO characters. This may be changed later on, depending on reasons given and how many people there are. Biographies should use the format below:

EDIT: You may have a MAXIMUM of 4 npcs accompany your character as companions.

Primary Weapon(s):
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s):


For Examples, see my next post below.

#6: Commitment.
When you join this thread, do not just "up and leave" if you get bored, or can no longer post. Commit yourselves to this story, so that we all can enjoy just how diverse we can be.

Now, I believe DarthThuzad had a suggestion/plan, so if/when he posts it, give it a read.

And that's all! Welcome to A Formal Request!