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two imperial agents, Zero and Meanken, had borded the ship with the latest assalt party. due to a lack of intel from within the ship, intelegence had been unable to give them exact mission orders. so, they were left with the rather vauge orders of "disrupt the trator mandolorian sect any way you can." the two had broken off from the main assalt party, and ducked into an empty armory.

"You got a plan, I take it?"

"yes, we are going to split up. you are going to go find the leader of the ship, and kill him. you remember him from the breifing?


"Good, while you do that, I am going to take one of these mandolorion armor sets, and go to the bridge, play it off as me being sent as reinforcments for the crew. with any luck, I can find a way to damage the sip's intenal funtions, stoping them from going wherever this ship is going, understood?"

"nice and easy, and plenty of kill opertunitys in between"

"Do try and stay out of sight as long as you can, the less warning he has, the better."

Mean turns on his stealth belt and dissapears as Zero gets into a suit of armor and begins walking to the bridge