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Yet another incredible character from you. <3
Thank you. That makes me giddy inside. And thanks for the compliments everyone. I worry that Aurai is too much a mix of Ipha/Brei but I've had her back story in mind for longer than I've had Ipha rolled up. You could say that Ipha borrows some of her personality traits from Aurai.

There's a little more than 5 years between New Direction and Firsts. When Aurai set about leaving her old life behind, she did it pretty thoroughly. I'm going to write more about the change as time goes on. I'm still not sure if Aurai is going to romance Corso (she's like lvl 20 something in game) and I'm not sure if I do it will reflect in writing. I don't see Aurai and Corso fitting together because she's just dealt with so much so young.

We'll see. Corso is cute but that might not be enough to redeem him.
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