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09.12.2012 , 12:30 PM | #62
1. People putting a Korrealis Commander or other non-attainable mount for way too much on the GTN. i want that speeder yes, so do alot of people. but you want it gone and someone wants it. negotiate a price plz.

2. Lack of logic on prices on stuff that makes something like (Augmentation kit MK-6) when its cheaper to buy the kit straight from the GTN. Really? you didnt learn the lesson from the 1.3 PTS GTN? Why bother posting the mats at such ridiculous prices.

3. People selling the most wanted oranges for stupid prices. I will admit they are ahrd to get and very much wanted. but no one is going to do dailies for credits when they can just use that time to try to get the item themselves for "free".