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i agree totally with all the posters in this threat!!

a pvp bounty board would be no good for me because I am not so into pvp so every other class would kill me off easily. the same balance problem would be with this stupid pvp armor like in wow. i never understood that. its just an armor you wear and has nothing to do with your skill. to bad for a pve player like me, because i could even hurt a guy who is wearing pvp armor and thats just stupid. even if the guy is a total nutjob he would finish me off easily because i do no dmg at all on him/her. so i see no sense in doing pvp and grinding a second top armor to my fully pve gear.

although i think it also unfair, when only the bh gets a feature like that.

my solution would be, that to the stupid daily missions on belsavis, corellia and ilum, where every class does the same boring ******** everyday (like the same stupid boring **** in wow) all classes should get some class specific designed daily missions that really pull out your class. kinda like the space missions just a little bit more testing
for example the bounty hunter has do go on the fleet to a bounty board where he can choose between different missions to hunt down people and for example maybe a weekly that is very complicate and testing.
the same with an inquisitor for example who should be, concerning to bw, the knowledge master of the dark council. so the inqui gets his missions on the ship or kaas city and hunts down rare relics through the galaxy and achive more knowledge and power through that. a warri for example hunts enemies of the emperoer and the empire and an agent would have missions like a james bond or something like that.
that would shape your class and would be more fun to play.

i mean the only difference to wow is the fantastic class story line and i played all of them. but when you reach 50 all of that is gone and the game is just grinding and boring like any other. with class daily missions that differ a little bit from week to week you realy would feel your class again and you would be still at lvl 50 a bounty hunter or what ever class you play.
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