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Two quick announcements before this chapter.

First: I have decided that for maximum hilarity I will use my working titles as actual chapter titles. These tend to break the fourth wall and give a summary that has very little to do with the events of the chapter. Enjoy.

Second: This is not a Nox/Ravage fic. This is a fic of Nox being zany and doing various wacky stuff with occasional bickering between those two. I'm going to prolong the agony for as long as possible.

And here's the next chapter!

2. In Which I Add Fuel to the Fire (No, Not That One)
Kaas City Spaceport, Dromund Kaas
15 ATC

Nox never ceased to be amused by the way in which Talos Drellik seemed to have converted the Fata Morgana’s cargo hold into an archaeological workshop. Picking up her skirts, she carefully navigated the chaos until she found Talos in his usual spot in the eye of the hurricane.

Unsurprisingly, he was absorbed in some engraved bit of rock, and was completely unaware of her presence. Nox plopped herself down on an unoccupied crate beside him and rested her feet on the crate in front of her, deliberately arranging her skirt to show an amount of leg that pushed the bounds of indecency according to the standards of most sane people.

Nox was not sane people.

Besides, desperate times called for desperate measures. She quickly removed her hair from its tie and let the glossy black waves settle around her shoulders, then leaned back and waited for Talos to notice her.

And waited, and waited… Coughing loudly had no effect; neither did drumming her heels against the crate. Finally, she leaned over and tapped Talos on the shoulder.

He jumped in surprise. “Oh! Lord Vesania! I didn’t see you there.”

Nox’s crew had ‘real-name privileges’, but after three years of going by Nox it always gave her a start to hear herself called something else.

“Hello, Talos,” she said. She gestured to the whatever-the-hell-it-is that he’d been looking at. “How goes it?”

“Very well,” he answered happily. “I’ve been looking at this specimen for a while now, and there’s definitely a connection between this one and what I saw on Korriban…”

He proceeded to explain for several minutes. Nox leaned towards him, wishing that she was wearing something low-cut. Most of her attention, however, remained on what he was saying. Normally, archaeology held no interest for her whatsoever, but Talos always managed to make such things sound interesting.

“…and I must thank you again for taking me to Korriban last year,” Talos finished. “It was the opportunity of a lifetime! I could spend the next ten years working with what I found there.”

Nox smiled. “Anything you want,” she said, putting a deliberate emphasis on the first word.

Talos looked at her with a frown, the fog of academia temporarily clearing from his eyes. “An—anything, my lord?” he faltered. “I…I’m not sure what you mean…”

Nox slid off the crate and stood in front of him. She was a few inches taller than he was, and he had to look up at her. “It can mean whatever you want it to mean,” she said softly. “Just know that my resources are at your disposal. As am I.”

“That’s…very kind of you,” Talos said uncertainly.

Nox bowed formally. “It’s no trouble.” She gave him her most charming smile. “Just doing my part to support the Empire’s best archaeologist.”

Talos blushed adorably. “I don’t know about the best, but I’m truly flattered—“

“You’re the best,” Nox insisted. “You’ve been incredibly helpful to me.”

“I’m happy to be of assistance, my lord.”

“Oh, drop the title and call me Nox. Or Vesania, or—whatever.”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea to call a Sith Lord ‘whatever’,” Talos said, smiling faintly.

Nox laughed. “In all seriousness, I would like it if you used my name.”

“May I ask why, exactly?”

“I like to be informal with my crew. You certainly don’t see Andronikos bowing and scrap ing to me.”

“He’s a pirate,” Talos pointed out. “I think a certain disregard for authority is a prerequisite for that profession.”

“A professional pirate,” Nox mused. “I like the sound of that. And what about you, my astute archaeologist? How’s your regard for authority?”

Talos shrugged. “You dig around Sith ruins for a few decades, you learn to respect the ones who built them.”

“Well, I haven’t built any ruins, although I have put a few structures in that state, so there’s no need to be all formal with me,” Nox said teasingly.

“I’ll, um, think about it,” Talos said tentatively. “If you want.”

Nox smiled brightly. “I do!” She looked around the room. “I’ll just leave you to it, then.” She exited the room with as much dignity as possible. That conversation had certainly gotten away from her. She wasn’t sure how that had happened.

Sometimes she wondered why she even bothered with Talos. She supposed she liked the idea of a challenge—after more than four years, he still remained utterly oblivious to her advances. On the other hand, he was undeniably adorable, but was he really worth the effort?

It was something to think about. Nox sighed to herself as she walked towards her quarters. Was a man who was actually receptive to her charms too much to ask for?

It's been a while since I actually interacted with Talos, so his characterization may be a bit off. I might have to do some YouTube research. Note that he is the one person in the galaxy who Nox is actually nice to, because he's so freaking cute how can you not be nice to him? I have spent many a time raging over the fact that we cannot romance him in the game. I want an adorable nerdy LI, dammit!

Although I admit, I was slightly alarmed by Talos' recruitment... He shows up at your ship as you're leaving Hoth, offers some vague excuse for wanting to come with you, then practically throws himself at your feet and makes an eloquent argument for why exactly you should want him in your party. Sound familiar?
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