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Chapter 3

A month after the death of Darth Baras and the party aboard Serea's/Revan's ship, she was summoned to Ilum. As Revan departed for Ilum, she was pondering the course the last month has taken. I can't believe so much hasn't happened over the past few months, Revan thought to herself as the Fury approached Ilum. I mean, the Empire and Republic have just been too quiet. Normally, Revan would be enjoying the peace and quiet, but in these times quiet usually meant a storm was coming and it would be harder to stand firm through. Bah, I'm ready for a new challenge- It's why I joined the Sith, after all!

As she disembarked from her ship, Revan pondered recent developments. Baras is dead, Antithea is well on her way to becoming an overseer of the academy, and the last of the immortality potions is in the hands of Dunamis... Although she knows Dun can take care of himself, she couldn't help but be concerned about him. To take that potion is to taste immortality and to reap a lonely existence. She had Chalcenia, Chalcenia had her, but who would Dunamis have? No one as the potion only has enough for one individual. Once the potion is taken, it is taken. At first Revan wanted her to doom him to just that. Yes, she thought, let him live on as his loved ones die off. Serves him right for trying to use me and countless other people to get to the top! But, for her to wish him ill will would be for her to slip back into her old darker ways and only prove she has learned nothing over the past 300 years.

Revan was so lost in thought that she almost approached the Imperials waiting for her without clearing her mind and making sure her mind was ready to go. Instinctively she pushed the thoughts from her mind, including the name Revan. Here she must be Darth Nox Aeterna, now, and Revan must be locked away deep within the part of her mind that none but a select few may reach.. Especially now that Revan died at the hands of an Imperial strike team a month ago and he must remain dead. Darth Nox Aeterna, however, must live on.

However, whether the Imperials working with her would live on remained to be seen. If she wasn't putting up with General whatever being an ***, she was talking to air-headed soldiers. How many times do I have to ask questions for these Imps give me full answers instead of "yes" and "no"? They are almost like that Twi'lek I met on Hutta... What was his name, again? Durgoth! Durgoth was his name. He must be off giving some hutt one-word answers. Probably a good plan as hutts wouldn't understand much beyond that. Serea laughs inwardly as she remembers the encounter.

Serea was there to settle old accounts with Canabalis, her personal bounty hunter. When she met the Twi'lek, she was impressed by his moves and how he chose to handle targets. She was so glad that he escaped his former life as a slave... Nothing more horrible then being treated like an object as opposed to a living being. What impressed her about him was how he seemed to use one-word answers a lot better than her underlings. The only other person she knows that has that skill is Dunamis. Could they be...? Nah! Beyond his wife, Dunamis doesn't have any Twi'leks in his family- or so she thought!

7 offspring. Dunamis had 7 offspring, and one of them was lost. Durgoth, Dunamis' oldest, is all that remains of a past he thought was long gone. Dunamis recently learned that his first love, Sinda, survived his brother's beatings and gave birth to a son. Understandably, Dunamis wants to find his offspring and possibly reunite with her. Unfortunately all he knows about them is that they were both slaves... My Sinda was a slave?! When I am finished with her slave driver... He jumped a bit as his holocommunicator went off. Who would be contacting me on Korriban at this hour? It was Serea...

Serea spoke first, "Sorry to disturb you at this hour, Dun, but I need your help on Ilum. Some of the Pubs captured our shipyard of mechanized transports, and we need to get it back."

The Sith Lord glared at her. "First, I thought I forbid you from calling me that. Second, can't you send someone else? I'm a bit busy here..."

Serea sighed and replied, "Sorry, hun, but unfortunately only Waack and Unsunghatred is here right now. I contacted Fatalbert and he's busy on the Void Star, and Ilaseer is on Alderaan."

Dunamis was going to make up an excuse but he thought to himself, It has been a while since I last tasted battle... He replies to Serea, "Very well, Revan, I'm on my way."

Serea widens her eyes and says, "SHHHHHH!!!! Not so loud!"

Dunamis smirks, "Then next time, I suggest you address me properly."

Serea replied, "Oh Dun... Uh, Viile, or Uh... Whoever you are such a.... Just shut up and get here!!"

After saying that she turned off the transmission. Dunamis thought to himself as he prepared to leave, I will find you, Sinda, and deal with your masters later...
Dunamis arrived as the others were standing look-out. He spoke, "Lord Aeterna... Where is this battle you needed my help with?"

Darth Waack, a tall and pale-red pureblood, turned to face him. "The battle is on its way, Lord Dulovic. Our fair lady just wanted to ensure we were as prepared as possible."

Dunamis retorted, "If Lord Aeterna is a fair lady, I'm a peaceful gentleman."

Aeterna shouted at the new comer, "I heard that you goon! And for the record I am a fair lady."

Another voice spoke up then, "Yeah... you're a fair lady, alright. I knew from the moment I met your sweet and sarcastic self 7 years ago on the Black Talon."

Aeterna turned around to see a Sith Assassin appear. The assassin was a male zabrak whose red sink turned pale after much usage of the dark side, with tatoos scattered along it. Aeterna laughed at him and said, "Yeah, who am I kidding? Fair and I don't exactly go a long way back, do we? I can't believe it's been 7 years... Thankfully, preparation and brilliance in battle do!"

The assassin bowed slightly in her direction, "Hence why I follow."

"Now," Aeterna asked, "Lord Unsunghatred, what are our orders?"

Unsunghatred groaned and said, "Stay here and watch everybody kill the others..."

Waack rolled his eyes and Dunamis grunted. Dunamis said, "I was hoping to kill Jedi and flex my muscles."

Aeterna said, "We can still do that, Lord Dulovic, we just need a plan."

"I don't need a plan," Dunamis spat out, "nor do I need to fight in group!" With that he jumped off the platform and ran towards to the battle.

Unsunghatred, commonly referred to as Red in their organization, walked towards the edge and commented, "Perhaps you should've said that we don't need a plan and just have an all-out brawl...?"

Aeterna face-palmed and sighed, "Red, go make sure Dun doesn't get himself killed. Waack, you come with me."

Aeterna and Waack jumped off the platform to join the skirmish. Serea threw her lightsaber at the first enemy she saw and immediately charged towards him. The group of soldiers were decimated as Aeterna stormed through their ranks. With the fighting from Dunamis and Red, the battalion died quickly.

"That's it," Dunamis shouted, "only one pathetic excuse for a battalion??"

Red shook his head, "I don't understand, intelligence reported a much greater threat."

A disturbance in the force caused Aeterna to look to the east. She said, "Wait... those were a diversion. The real threat is coming from... Follow me!"

The four warriors ran to the east, where the ion canon was situated. There 4 Jedi knights were there waiting for them. Dunamis grinned inwardly. Finally, a real challenge- or so he thought. It turns out the 4 Jedi were just padawans and fell to their blades easily. Dunamis growled underneath his breath, I was dragged away from Korriban for this...

Aeterna's voice cut into his thoughts, "Sit tight, guys. Something tells me their masters are around here somewhere... Red, Waack, you check the western ion canon. Dun and I will continue looking around here."

Dunamis spoke to her in a dark tone as they started scouting, "Refer to me with that name again..."

Aeterna sighed, "Oh for crying out.... You know, what? You give me a nickname."

Dunamis looked at her incredulously, "What?"

Aeterna shrugged, "Why not? Practically everyone else in Kyofu Nashi has a nickname, including you. So, might as well give me one. Don't be shy, I can take it!"

Dunamis took a deep breath and said, "Lets just find the Jedi so that this trip will be sort of worth my while..."

Aeterna shook her head as they continued walking.

After a few minutes, Dunamis asked, "Is splitting us up wise?"

Aeterna nodded, "Yes. I surveyed the masters within the force. There is only two of them, no need for all four of us to stick together."

Dunamis spoke, "Then this fight had better be a challenge..." He looked over to see that Aeterna had stopped. Dunamis lowered his voice and said, "What is it?"

Aeterna answered by igniting her saber, "I know you're here Jedi... Come on out!"

Immediately Dunamis turned around, saber drawn, and charged at a once cloaked Jedi Shadow and proceeded to engage her. Aeterna came up behind her and charged her. The Jedi let out a small cry as Aeterna's saber nicked grazed her back. The shadow prepared used the force to fling the two Sith Lords across Ilum's terrain, but failed with Dunamis disrupting the ability as Aeterna impaled the Jedi with her lightsabre.

A small disturbance in the force a few seconds later confirmed the death of the other Jedi, no doubt killed by Red and Waack. Aeterna smiled a little bit, "Well, that's one battle won for the Empire... Can't deny it Dun, you and make I an awesome fighting team."

Dunamis retorted, "When I'm doing most of the fighting, sure we do."

Aeterna smirked, "Oh, hush up; you know it's true! Come on, lets back to the fleet. I'll buy you a drink."

Thankfully, the cantina wasn't as crowded that day, so Aeterna could use some of her former names. She sipped at her Corellian Cocktail, which tasted fabulous as always. She always loved the cocktails they had at the fleet. Dunamis had his in hand but wasn't really drinking it. He spoke, "Save for the Jedi Master at the end that battle was easy."

Serea nodded, "Yes. Yes it was...I hate it when the Republic underestimate us and then come ill-equipped."

Dunamis smiled, "If you were on their side, the battle might have been a bit more worthy of my lightsabre..."

Serea laughed and said, "As much I appreciate the compliment, I'd much rather fight along side real warriors, such as yourself, as opposed to whatever it was the Republic tossed at us."

Dunamis nodded at her and then looked away. Serea spoke, "Have you taken it yet?"

Dunamis replied, "If by it you mean the immortality potion, no."

Serea replied, "No? Why not, Dun?"

Dunamis took a deep breath and replied, "I don't know... just like I still don't know why you insist on using that nickname."

Serea laughed again and said, "You're just saying that cause you don't have a nickname for me yet..."

Dunamis sighed and finally sipped at his Korriban brandy and thought Perhaps alcohol will be a bit more relaxing then listening to her...

Serea pointed at him and said, "I sensed that! Come on, admit it, you enjoy my humor, as well as my presence. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here."

Dunamis replied, "I don't mind your presence... And I know your humor. I just don't understand it."

Serea asked, "What humor do you understand?"

Dunamis shook his head, "I have no time for comedy."

"Yeah right," Serea retorted and then pointed a finger at him, "One of these days I'm going to make you laugh so hard that you'll piss your pants- and that's a promise!"

Dunamis tensed for a moment and then relaxed, "You can try. You'll fail, but you'll try."

Serea spoke again, "Dunamis," which made him turn to look at her directly, "the truth is I brought the potion up because I've been meaning to talk to you about-"

Dunamis cut in, "You'll never find it and I'm not giving it back."

Serea glared at him, "Didn't you ever learn NOT to interrupt someone while growing up?"

Dunamis smirked, "Not really."

Serea sighed and then continued, "Anyway, I have no use for it anymore.The second last one was given to Charista. I am more concerned about you. As your friend and ally, I must warn you that to take the potion is to pay a terrible price. Eventually you will lose everyone and everything from your family to your friends as you outlive everything and everyone you've ever known. Believe me, Chal flatly refused any kind of romantic relationship up until I took the potion and doomed myself. Why become romantically attached to someone you're just going to outlive? The only reason I took the potion was so I could be with Chal for the rest of my life and see this Empire through. Note that I'm not saying this because I want to order you around... I just wouldn't be a very good fried if I just sat back and let you make this kind of decision lightly."

Dunamis looked Serea in the eye and said, "I'm aware of the consequences, though I thank you for the concern and the warning."

Serea sighed and replied, "Always directly to the point. Reminds of a Twi'lek I met on Hutta."

Dunamis replied, "Oh?"

Serea replied, "Yes. Green skinned guy wearing Sith tattoos, I think. I think his name was Durgoth. He's a bounty hunter... Might hire him some day, he had quite impressive skills."

Dunamis widened his eyes for a moment and then smiled. "Interesting," he said, "Tell me, did this Durgoth mention where he was going?"

Serea shook her head. "If I could guess, I'd say he's off to Kaas with Canabalis, my personal bounty hunter, probably on the Black Talon. Why? Need a bounty hunter?"

Dunamis smiled and said, "Perhaps. However, I like to get to know my bounty hunters before I hire them."

Serea, "I'll ask Canabalis the next time I speak with her for you... On one condition- The next time I need you in a battle, just get up and go!"

Dunamis glares at her and is about to speak but is cut off by her holocommunicator. The caller was Darth Malgus.

"Greetings Darths Aeterna and Dulovic. I must speak with you both immediately on Ilum. This is not a request!"

Then he disconnected the transmission before they could utter a word. Dunamis was the first to speak: "He wants more than a simple strike team..."

Serea nodded, "or a casual conversation... Hence why we must be sharp and fully armed and equipped during this meeting."

With that, they headed to their ships. As Serea was walking, she received a vision: An intense duel between two Sith Lords on Ilum for... Domination? Revenge? Serea did not know. She whispered to herself, "Wow. History is on the move..."

Unfortunately for her, Dunamis has good ears. He turned to her and asked, "What?"

Serea shook her head and said, "Nothing... Just becareful."

Dunamis nodded and then walked away quickly. Serea boarded her ship and called Chalcenia.

"Chal," she said, "Things are moving. Meet at the spaceport on Kaas city.