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Chapter 2
Serea never fought so hard in her life. Darth Baras was a tough cookie, much tougher than past enemies. This was true in spite of her having help from an ally. She could sense through the force Viile panting a little bit. Baras removed the mask he had long worn to reveal an aging, bald Sith Council member underneath. He shot out lightning from his fingers at Serea, but Viile intercepted them with his lightsabre.

Viile said, "You will not attack my ally, Baras!"

Baras laughed at him and said, "Had enough child? Can you feel your grip on life slipping? Why do you persist in this futile act of vengence? Let go! Embrace your death!"

Viile replied, "If this is the end for me, I'm taking you with me!"

Serea used the force to push Baras into the wall and then said, "Baras, forget the bravado and big words. No one's buying it."

Baras recovered quickly, however, and said, "I was just being sporting. One would think a weak female, such as yourself, would enjoy the chance to catch her breath."

Serea replied, "If I’m a weak female, then why are you panting as much as I am?"

Baras looked at Lord Vowran, a dark council member and an ally of Viile and Serea. "You're champions are failing Vowran, and you'll be next!"

"Is that coming from you or from the Emperor, Baras" Vowran asked with a sneer, "it's hard to tell the difference?"

Serea felt Baras' anger incinerate then and readied for the next attack. Baras shouted, "Don't mock me, fop!" Then he looked at Serea while still talking to Vowran, "You're patron just ensured your suffering will be epic youngster!"

He ignited his lightsaber to charge, but Viile got to him first. "Not unless I increase your suffering first, fool."

Baras shouted from behind his saber, "I will not fall to traitors such as you, bastard! Now die!"

Enraged at Baras' words to him, Viile used the force to push Baras across the room before charging at him. Through various force techniques, he kept Baras fighting him to the disregard of Serea who was using various assault techniques to injure him. When Serea sensed that Baras was charging up his power she shouted, "Viile, look out!!!!"

Serea ran out of Baras' line of sight and Viile jumped towards her before Baras could send a blast of force energy towards him. Unfortunately it nicked Viile a little bit and he cried out. Serea charged at Baras in anger and shouted, "You'll pay for harming him!!" She assaulted and ravaged Baras' with her lightsabre, using the darkside and light side to fuel her attacks. She almost pushed him back before he used his powerful force area attack to push her far across the room. He charged at her, which cut across her chest with his lightsaber.

As he was about to make the death blow, he dropped his saber and grabbed at his throat. Serea recovered enough to jump to see Viile behind Baras with a dark look in his eye. "I told you," Viile growled, "No one attacks my allies, especially one who questions. My. Blood's. PURITY!!!!"

Baras' wind piped cracked a bit and he dropped to the floor. Viile says, "You are depleted, Baras. You hover a breath away from destruction."

Baras tries to use the force to regain his strength and heal his windpipe, but to no avail. He shouts desperately, "No! My powers abandon me."

Serea speaks, "Confess that you are not the Voice of the Emperor."

Baras grunts and then walks around the dark council chambers. "I call upon the dark council to kill this fool, the Emperor commands it," he shouts as he approaches Darth Marr, "Darth Marr, strike on the Emperor's behalf or suffer his disfavour!"

Darth Marr replies calmly, "I believe I'll take my chances."

Baras turns and marches towards another council member, "Ravage," he says, "has your sense left you as well?"

Darth Ravage shakes his head and says, "I will not stand in the path of the Emperor's Wraths."

Then Baras shouts, "You think you've won? You think you can silence the Emperor's true Voice?! Deliver the death blow, then. From beyond darkness, I will strike at you! Vengence will be mine!"

Serea replied, "I have no desire to kill you, as you didn't blow me up in a cave."

Viile looked at her, surprised. Serea continued, "I can't speak for my fellow Wrath over here though." Then she looked at him and nodded.

He approached Baras and said, "Very well then, Lord Serea, I will wipe the galaxy clean of him," and then stabs Baras fatally with his saber.

Vowran shouts, “At last! The end of Baras! The air clears and my lungs breath deeply again. You both have proven you are truly touched by the Emperor. The Dark Council knows the Emperor’s Wrath has free reign.”

Serea replies, “Thank you, Dark Council members, and bows slightly.”

Viile shakes his head at her. He looks to hear Darth Marr concur with Vowran, “You are acknowledged, Wraths. Your actions will not be challenged as long as they don’t contradict our own.”

Vowran nodded and said, “You are answerable only to our ultimate master.”

Viile spoke, “We both look forward to aiding the Dark Council in its most critical matters. However, don’t expect the status quo either, my Lords.”

Serea nodded, “Indeed, your comfort is at an end.”

Vowran nodded and said, “As you decree, Wraths. Now, when you entered you were Lords Viile and Serea.”

Darth Marr concluded, “But now you leave as the Emperor’s Wraths and Dark Lords of the Sith. Henceforth, Lord Viile, you will be known as Darth Dunamis Dulovic and you, Lord Serea, shall be known as Darth Nox Aeterna.”

The newly christened Dark Lords of the Sith bowed slightly at their new names. It was then Darth Vowran stood and shouted, “Now our powers are heightened. Let the enemies of the Empire tremble- The Emperor’s Wrath shall consume them all!” With that, the Dark Council bowed before them both. Darth Dunamis Dulovic and Darth Nox Aeterna left the council chambers as the Emperor’s Wraths, destined to unleash the Emperor’s fury and anger on the galaxy.

Dunamis and Nox Aeterna were walking back to the Fury after recuperating from
the battle. At long last, Nox Aeterna is a “Darth” once again. After 300 years of confusion about her identity and place in the galaxy, as well as her understanding of the force, she has come full circle. She was thankful that she was knighted under different circumstances. She was no longer the foolish Darth Revan who assumed she had all the answers for the galaxy. However, there is one thing bothering her about this whole
scenario... Finally, she spoke to Dunamis, “Congratulations on getting the Darth title, Dunamis. The new name suits you.”

Dunamis nodded and said in a low voice, “Thanks... Congratulations to you, as well. Bout time you got your Darth title back, Revan. ”

She nodded and said, “You’ve had two names- Ville and Dunamis... I now have 3! Serea, Darth Nox Aeterna, and Revan- Not to mention all the titles associated with them... That’s a lot of names for me to remember!!!”

Dunamis says nothing in reply and just keeps walking. She rushes to fall in-step with him and smiles. “Alright, Dun, from now on just refer to me as Revan or Serea in private and I guess and just my new name on official Imperial business.”

Dunamis stops and looks at her in the dark. “Dun?” he asks incredulously. “Who’s Dun?”

Serea recovers, “He’s you, of course! ‘Dun’ is a nickname. Short form for Dunamis?”

Dunamis leans closers and speaks in a dark tone, “Call me that again and I’ll... You don’t want to know what I’ll do.”

Serea replies, “Well... I guess since I have immortality, you can’t do to me what you did those padawans!”

Dunamis replied, “Being immortal doesn’t mean you’re immune from my hungry bite. I’ll make you my next meal and get immortality that way!”

Serea thought to herself and said, “You know... being a friend of yours and all, I’d let you eat me. BUT I wouldn’t be a very good friend if I did that as I wouldn’t be able to give you the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, carbs, and all those sorts of things a handsome pureblood such as yourself needs.”

Dunamis smiled darkly at her. “Even a handsome and healthy Sith Lord is allowed to indulge in junk food once in awhile.”

Serea raised an eyebrow and asked, “Careful, sweety, those kinds of thoughts can lead you to becoming as large as the fat dude we killed back there...Wait, did you call me junk?!” Serea playfully wacks him with a big grin on her face.

Dunamis looked at her incredulously and then shook his head. “If I considered
you junk, you’d be dead. Or at the very least, we wouldn’t be working together.”

Serea nodded and said, “Touche! Ah, there’s my ship. Would you and Vette like to come aboard? Might as well celebrate a little bit our christening as two new Dark Lords of the Sith.”
Dunamis nodded as he went towards his estate.

Serea smiled as she boarded her ship. It was nice to no longer have to be worried about one of Baras’ men coming after her. Furthermore, her lifemate did not have to hide from much of anything. Ah my lifemate... She hadn’t seen Chalcenia for over a year thanks to Chalcenia being re-trained as a Sith Inquisitor and Serea being on the run from rebellious Imperials. When she came on board, she saw Chalcenia sitting in the main area where the main holotranceiver was. Immediately, Serea ran up and gave her lifemate a passionate kiss and tight embrace. Chalcenia returned the greeting and then said, “Welcome, back, love. I understand congratulations are in order. You are a Darth once again!”

Serea nodded, “Yes, my darling, I am. After all these years, I can rightfully call myself Darth... Thank you for being there for me all these years.”

Chalcenia gave her lifemate a hug and replied, “You don’t have to thank me, love. I will always be there for you.”

Serea looked in the doorway and saw a Marauder smiling at her. The Marauder
spoke, “Congratulations, Mother. I’m glad you finally took the Emperor’s Wrath to our greatest enemy to date.”

Serea replied, “Thank you, Antithea. I appreciate your appraisal. Though, this means you will need a new master to train you."

Antithea replied, “That will be a challenge but I'm sure we can overcome it. I hope you took great pleasure in ending Baras' life.”

Serea, “His death wouldn’t have gained me anything. However, I’m sure Viile, who is now Dunamis thanks to the Dark Council, revelled in his death.”

Antithea shook her head, “He became a darth?! Did you become a Darth too? Wait... How you can look at the man who’s tried to kill you numerous times and not be the one to deal the death blow?”

Serea replied, “Yes, I became a Darth again. I’m now Darth Nox Aeterna. Though, don’t use it outside of official Imperial stuff as I have enough names to remeber. As for your second question, there was a time when I wouldn’t have spared his life. When I was Revan I sought revenge against those who dared threaten my life. But those were empty years that had little to no meaning beyond proving how foolish of a Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord I was.... Well, that, and I promised Dunamis he’d be the one to deal the death blow.”

Chalcenia interrupted, “Well, I couldn’t be prouder you.”

Antithea nodded and said, “Who said I wasn’t proud of her? I was just saying it would’ve been nice to deal the death blow.”

Exousia walked in at that moment. So that’s what Serea was hiding? Exousia smiled inwardly. Her friend certainly is not Darth Revan anymore. However... “If everything is all well and good, why are you so tensed up?” Exousia asked.

Serea turned around and replied, “Because Dunamis still hasn’t taken immortality potion.”

Anithea replied, “Then what are we waiting for? Lets go get it!”

Chalcenia turned and said, “We mustn’t be so hasty. First, I think we should discover why he hasn’t claimed this particular gift or curse.”

Exousia smirked, “Well, if I was him, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in this galaxy for all eternity either.”

Serea laughed, “Lucky Dunamis, he still has a choice!”

Chalcenia paced around the room, “Still... my fellow Sith are not known for thinking about the long term but the quick and easy path.”

Serea replied, “Perhaps he’s saving it for an emergency, like we did? If only he didn’t know much about the star maps... I should have Mian re-write those specific history books sometime.”

Exousia spoke up, “So, you have fought Darth Baras, countless Jedi and Sith, Darth Malak, and ruled over Empires and Republics, but you couldn’t keep Dunamis from swimming to the Rift on Manaan?”

Serea was going to answer but Anithea cut in, “Listen, lady, how was she to know what his true intentions were?”

Exousia turned, “How dare you talk to me like that! Serea, get your daughter under control or you may not have one anymore.”

Antithea replied, “Finally, someone’s blood I can spill. Not only does she mock my mother, she threatens... Mother, let me end this pathetic excuse for a friend’s life!”

Before Serea could voice an opinion Antithea ignited her lightsabres and quickly attacked Exousia. Exousia returned the attack with minor parries in an attempt to gain an upper hand but it was no use. Under Tremel and then Baras, Antithea learned to morph her cybernetic implants with the force. This made her into an almost unstoppable killing machine that could slice into any enemy she came across. Before the fight could
escalate and further, Serea and Chalcenia broke the two of them up with force push and lightening.

Serea shouted, “ENOUGH! Now is not the time for us to be killing each other! I let him take the potion...”

A male voice spoke up, “Right... Just like I let myself in.”

Serea smiled at the voice, “Dun, Vette! Come on in.”

Chalcenia turned around and said, “Greetings, Dunamis, welcome to the party! I understand congratulations are in order.”

Dunamis glared at Serea briefly before nodding at Chalcenia, “Thank you, Chalcenia, tell me do you still need help finding a master?”

Antithea cut in, “No, but I do.”

Serea glared at her daughter, “Antithea, don’t interupt!”

Chalcenia replied, “Yes, I do. Have any suggestions?”

Serea smiled as she looked around at all the conversations happening. However, she was starting to feel a bit constricted so she walked to the bridge of her ship, the Fury. She bent the back of the middle chair in the cockpit so it allowed to look up at the nighttime sky on Korriban. After about half an hour later, a male voice spoke up, “You wanted to see me?”

Serea jumped from her seat. “Dun... you have to STOP sneaking up on me like that. And no, not specifically, the party was just wearing me out bit. You’re welcome to stay here though.”

“Do not refer to me as ‘Dun’ That is not my name, I am Dunamis and will be addressed by that name only.” He stated.

Serea rolls her eyes, “You know, as a guest, you shouldn’t make demands, hun, it’s impolite. However, since I’m not interested in beating you black and blue, I’ll honor your request.” She sits back down in the chair and looks up at the night sky. Then she speaks again, “Dunamis, hun, you’re allowed to sit down. I’m nice to my guests.”

“Why do that? I don’t trust anyone here enough to do that,” Dunamis said.

Serea replied, “Don’t you think we’ve fought in enough battles for me to have earned a little bit of trust? Not to mention there were plenty of times I interceded for you when I could’ve let someone cut you up, like Baras earlier?”

“Baras is no threat to me,” he spat.

Serea replied, “I could tell. .... Bah! You’ll come to trust in your own time. If I didn't believe that I wouldn't have fought alongside you all of these years. Oh, it's time for my duelling practice.”

“I guess it’s time for me to leave then,” He said.

Serea looked at him and said, “Not necessarily... To be honest, I’ve been meaning to ask you for over a year if you wanted to practice duel.”

“Sure,” Dunamis said.

Serea got up, “Then I suggest you change into better dueling armor than that. Guest quarters are down the hall and to the right. If you need armour, 2V-R8 has some your size,” before she walked to her quarters and gets her armor.

Just as she was about to emerge, she heard a loud bang. She rushed into the foyer to see 2V-R8 in pieces on the floor. Serea looked around. Well... Anithea is not here, she thought to herself, then who...?

No, but I am, Dunamis spoke into her mind, and that's what happens when your droid thinks he can bark orders at me.

Serea looked up to see Dunamis in the corridor with a sleek new set of black armor rubbing his hands together with dark glee. Serea laughed and said, "Dunamis... for destroying the droid everybody hates... you and Vette can stay in the other master's suite here! Shall we?"

Dunamis nodded and they both went off to practice dueling.